September 29, 2020 2 min read

The actor, singer and author is thrilled to be involved in a good cause. 

The Australian Women's Weekly, 13 Aug 2020

Why did you decide to join Veeda as their International Ambassador?

When I had my daughter, Banks, I was so aware of the chemicals that go into products like nappies and I wanted the best natural products for her. Through trying to find the best product for my daughter, I found Veeda.

I’d been using the same tampons for 20 years, and never thought about what was in it and what I was putting in my body. I feel so much more comfortable knowing that what I’m using is natural, and doesn’t have any fragrances, dyes, chemicals, or any of the other things that I never knew went into these products. I actually asked my management to reach out to them to see if there was a broader conversation we could have about natural products.

Veeda is committed to ending period poverty. Can you tell us about that mission?

I’d never even thought about this until I started working with Veeda. Period poverty happens all over the world, even in wealthy countries like my home, the US, and Australia. Women and girls who can’t afford or access period products are hugely disadvantaged. They have to miss school. They might have to miss work. Veeda created the Naturalena Foundation, which donates millions of tampons and pads and nappies and wipes to girls, women and babies who need them most. It’s a problem we’re devoted to solving. By working with groups like Share the Dignity, which distributes tampons and pads to those most in need, we can end period poverty.

Why did Veeda want to support The Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future competition?

Since the year it started, the Women’s Weekly Women of the Future competition has been creating opportunities for amazing young women to fulfil their dreams. In fact, the very first winner, Susanna Matters, was recognised for her innovative work to tackle period poverty in Kenya, with her charity, Goods for Girls. Since then Women of the Future alumni have gone on to do amazing work in education, tech, sustainability and medicine. I knew it was the perfect event for Veeda to partner with because of our shared goal of supporting young women.


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