Natural Pantyliners - Switch to natural ultra thin cotton pantyliners for discreet and reliable can’t-tell-it’s-there protection!

Veeda barely-there natural liners offer ultra-comfort and protection to help you feel dry and confident all day long. Our cotton liners are fragrance free and made without any harmful chemicals, dyes or synthetics to ensure that only the purest ingredients touch the most sensitive part of your body. Veeda cotton panty liners have a silky-soft cover sheet with a filtering layer for quick absorption whilst offering discreet and reliable can’t-tell-it’s-there protection! Easy to take on the go in your handbag as each panty liner is individually wrapped and folded. Veeda ultra thin natural panty liners are suitable for light daily wear or towards the end of your periodwhen your menstrual flow is very lite. Feel good about using Veeda panty liners that are better for your body and better for the planet.

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