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Better For You.

Better For The Planet.

Sorry, our Starter Kit promotion is now over. 

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response! 

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  • Natural Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials  

  • Natural Cotton absorbs more than 20 times its weight  

  • Protects against leaks when used in tampons and pads  

  • Renewable resources for sustainable sourcing

  • Naturally grown, not manufactured, or modified   

  • No harmful ingredients like dioxins, dyes, or synthetics  

  • Comfortable, cool and gentle on skin  

  • Remains soft even when wet  

  • Easy to wear and remove and moves with you  


Natural Period Care That Actually Works

We were already making eco-moves in our daily lives by incorporating cleaner eating habits, switching to non-toxic home cleaners, and being conscious of our ecological footprint - it only seemed fitting that we give that same attention to our period protection. After learning how conventionally made feminine care products affected our body and environment, Veeda was created. Hello, world! 


The idea behind Veeda was to offer a premium, healthy, and affordable alternative to the traditional, synthetic, and often chemical-filled personal care products which have gone unchanged for decades. We created these products with all women in mind, especially those looking to live a healthier lifestyle and make changes for the better. 


Veeda stands for life and knowledge. The more you know, the more reasons you will have to choose Veeda. We are committed to complete transparency in all we do, from educating consumers to selecting ingredients, down to sustainable manufacturing and recyclable packaging. We are committed to being better for you, better for the planet.