Women put how many chemicals in their body each day?!!!

January 03, 2023 3 min read

The Environmental Working Group Survey found that on average, American women put 168 chemicals on their bodies each day… The group found that chemicals from the products used, were ending up inside their bodies. These chemicals such as parabens and phthalates are hormone-altering which can have negative effects on the function of the human body.


So why add that burden to your body when non-toxic products are available that can save you money and that are better for the planet?

As women, if we put on average 168 chemicals on our bodies each day, that is a large number of products containing nasty chemicals. Although it may be difficult to avoid chemicals all together, for some products, there are natural alternative options out there that are non-toxic and still perform as well or if not better than toxic products. Many personal care products that contain these nasty chemicals, we use on a daily basis. Some examples include: toothpaste, period products, body and facial products which all have non-toxic and natural alternatives available in the market. To put it simply, you can reduce the number of chemicals you’re putting into your body by switching out the products you use with non-toxic options.  Don’t do it all at once as that can get expensive depending on how far you go. Try this, as you use one product up, try replacing it with a non-toxic alternative when it’s empty. These small daily changes will have a huge impact in lowering your exposure to toxic chemicals over time. Once you realize just how many chemicals we put into our bodies every day, there’s no going back!


Veeda period products are natural and non-toxic…

Here at Veeda, we choose to avoid repeated exposure to harsh chemicals.

Veeda period products are both gentle on your body and on the earth. Our tampons are lab-tested for over 250 harmful chemicals and contain no wood or synthetic fibres, no additives, pesticides, parabens phthalates or dioxins. With Veeda, you don’t have to compromise the health of your body or our planet for good period care. Our products are dermatologically and gynecologically tested tested making them hypoallergenic and safe for daily use. We can assure you that when using our products, the most sensitive part of your body only comes in contact with the purest, irritation free ingredients.

At Veeda, we source our 100% natural GMO-free cotton directly from a global network of leading cotton traders and all cotton is cleansed with an oxygen cleansing process, not chlorine-bleached, for a healthier more eco-friendly product. This process removes all dirt and impurities including any synthetic matter and this is the exact same process by which all organic cotton is cleansed to ensure it contains no synthetic substances. At Veeda, we want you to get the comfort and care you deserve whilst battling your time of the month.

You can can feel good about using Veeda natural period products, moth after month. Consider making a better choice for both your body and the planet by switching to Veeda period products for safe and reliable protection.


Medical Disclaimer: Articles are intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as the basis of patient treatment. Ask a medical professional if you have any health-related questions or concerns.


Additional Resources

Lupkin, S. (2015). Women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day, consumer group says.

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