More and more people are making the switch to all-natural, plant-based period products to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fragrances, and dyes.

The vaginal eco system is more sensitive and more absorbent than typical skin and many women prefer to use natural period products to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fragrances and dyes.

Veeda products are fragrance free, plant-based and made from 100% natural cotton that hasn't been exposed to pesticides or dyes. Without fragrances or harsh chemicals, Veeda natural period care products are also less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation.

We are already making eco-moves in our daily lives by incorporating cleaner eating habits, switching to non-toxic home cleaners, and being conscious of our ecological footprint – it’s only fitting that we give that same attention to our period protection.

“Veeda natural products have a positive impact on the environment by preventing pollution through toxic chemicals, pesticides and chlorine bleaching.”

Harmful chemicals have crept into our homes and our bodies. 

These toxic chemicals are not only absorbed through our skin or ingested, but they end up washed down the drain polluting our waterways, or thrown out to make their way into landfills, over time leaching into soil and groundwater, and polluting our environment.

Veeda natural products have a positive impact on the environment by preventing pollution through toxic chemicals, pesticides and chlorine bleaching.

Not only is Veeda better for our bodies and less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation, but the positive ripple effect on the environment by preventing further pollution through pesticides and chlorine bleaching, makes Veeda better for the planet also.

Got questions? We've got answers...

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    Why does Veeda choose to use cotton in its products?

    We're glad you asked! Not only is cotton soft, but it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin or allergies as its gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation. Due to its breathable nature, cotton doesn’t trap heat, allowing heat produced by the body to escape, keeping it cool and dry. Cotton is really absorbent meaning it holds more water than synthetic fibres and draws moisture away from the body (like a towel), allowing the skin to breathe. Its superior wet-strength makes it more tear-resistant and therefore perfect for products that require exposure to liquids. This means that you can rely on cotton to not fall apart when you need it most! And lastly, cotton is a biodegradable, 100% natural, annually renewable resource. Since 100% pure cotton is made by nature, it biodegrades by nature and won’t build up in landfill. Our GMO-Free cotton is grown naturally, not manufactured or altered, and sourced directly from a global network of leading cotton traders.

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    How is Veeda different to other natural products?

    For some people, in particular those with sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions such as eczema, using natural products can lead to inflammation and irritations. Despite their “natural” ingredients, some natural products can still cause irritated skin, just like any other product. Natural, non-toxic or organic products can still have side effects as they can contain common irritants.

    For example, essential oils such as tea tree, lemongrass or lavender are often used as fragrance, and whilst natural, can be common irritants for those with sensitive or broken skin. If you’ve reacted to an allergen or irritant before, you’ll likely continue to react every time you’re exposed to it. Without fragrances or harsh chemicals, Veeda natural period care products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation.

    At Veeda, we source our 100% natural cotton directly from a global network of leading cotton traders and all cotton is cleansed with an oxygen cleansing process, not chlorine-bleached, for a healthier eco-friendlier product. This process removes all dirt and impurities including any synthetic matter and this is the exact same process by which all organic cotton is cleansed with to ensure it also has no synthetic substances. Thus, our finished products are 100% natural cotton.

    Our tampons are lab-tested for over 250 harmful chemicals and contain no wood or synthetic fibres, no additives or pesticides, and no dioxins. Another reason we choose to use only 100% pure, hypoallergenic cotton, is because cotton does not contribute to the growth of the bacteria that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), irritation and allergic reactions.

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    Are Veeda products “free from chemicals” or “chemical free”?

    All matter, including us, is made up of chemicals, so it defies science to have a product that is chemical-free. Generally, when products are marketed as “chemical free”, they often mean that they are synthetic-free (or made from only natural ingredients). Veeda products are made from plant-based natural ingredients.

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