Why Veeda Natural Pads?

September 23, 2020 1 min read

Nowadays, women start to become more health conscious and environment-friendly. We start to discover health risks from products that we regularly use, such as sanitary pads. Let me share with you how to get the protection and comfort you need with Veeda Natural Cotton Pads.

Veeda natural hypoallergenic pads

Veeda Natural Cotton Pads are hypoallergenic and engineered for maximum absorption and unparalleled comfort. With its unique blend of highly absorbent cellulose fluff and their furrowed design to trap liquids, these pads are particularly effective for heavy flows. It’s oxygen cleansing, silky soft coversheet, and anatomically-designed shape that make Veeda Natural Cotton Pads body-friendly and safe for daily use.

Why Natural Pads?

Veeda tampons, pads and liners are free of chemicals, wood or synthetic fibers, additives, and pesticides, making them the softest, purest and most hypoallergenic products on the market today.

These are designed to give women all the protection and comfort without compromising our health and our precious environment.

Luckily, I had a chance to try Veeda Ultra Thin Pads with wings. The pad (and its wings) provides additional protection from unwanted leaks. Wearing Veeda pads feels very comfortable as if it’s not there! Rest assured that you’ll feel fresh while wearing the pads because it’s odor free.

After trying out the pads, I feel like switching from my regular pads to all natural pads. We cannot run away from having our period, but we can at least protect ourselves from getting infections by using the right pads.

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